In defense of the LCBO…?


Like most industry professionals, I could regale you with hours of anecdotal evidence that the LCBO is an over-privileged monopole that has no regard for its customers¹, private or licensee. I could complain about a lacking selection, fees and taxation driving up prices and a bottle-necked logistics department for importing, distribution and licensing. Furthermore I could argue that it stands as both a deliberate and incidental roadblock for individuals and restaurateurs trying to broaden their wine and beer horizons. The tone of such arguments (which have been made for decades) has now evolved into something profoundly aggressive. Many writers and critics of varying degrees of fame and respect (Jan WongMike MckennaJohn Szabo) have gone so far as to predict or even demand the end of the LCBO.

But perhaps we can find a couple of things to appreciate about the LCBO as it may not be around for that much longer (we can only hope…)!

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